Friday, July 4, 2014

Five Things Friday 7.4

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Stay safe out there and be nice to each other! 

Since I have to work today I will make this super short and sweet. 

1. I love hurricane season. I have a few friends who are meteorologists and they get all excited, so I must have picked that up. Anyway, Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel always shows up for hurricanes. He saw this sign when he showed up in the Outer Banks. 

2. Chris Jericho came back to the WWE on Monday. He is one of my favorites and a great worker. One of his fans had the greatest reaction, he even tweeted out the picture himself he was so impressed! 

3. If you haven't signed up for the Liberty Mile yet, you still have time! Plus I even found a promo code! 

4. Have you finished your #runchathunt yet? There are only a few days left! I am two away from completing mine! 

5. Has anyone else ever had the struggle of drinking all the water and peeing all the time? This week it's been constant with the heat and marathon training. I crack up everytime I see this! 

Again guys, please stay safe this weekend, but enjoy time with friends and family! I'll catch back up with you all on Sunday! 


  1. I am really trying to stay hydrated, but feel I am making millions of bathroom trips.

  2. I signed up Friday for the Libery Mile, using that same code!!! I can't wait for that race!!!

    In other news I nominated you for very inspiring blogger award!!!