Friday, July 11, 2014

Team Panera!!

I know, I know. Today is Friday and that usually brings up a Five Things Friday post. When things pop up though, plans must change!

So remember a few months ago when I talked about my FABULOUS relay team for the Akron Marathon Relay, Team Four Princesses and a Frog? Well, since we are all social media addicts we have been chatting with the wonderful folks over at the Akron Marathon for awhile now.

They brought us #runakron stickers to the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo and seriously made our weekend!

Well, a little while after that Andrew, the communications manager for the Akron Marathon, approached us about a partnership they were working on with bloggers and Panera Bread. They were looking to have a Panera Team participating in the Akron Marathon Relay and they instantly thought of us. HOW EXCITING!! We were all in, of course!

So a few weeks pass, and we all just got the word, we are official!!! Team Four Princesses and a Frog are now Team Panera!!

So what does this mean?

Well, Panera Bread has an Official Marathon Training Menu that I will be sharing all about with you guys. I eat Panera Bread a lot anyway, now I get to share my meals with you guys! I’m looking forward to exploring some more of the menu. We will also be sporting a Panera Team shirt during the Akron Marathon Relay, so anyone there can spot us!

I need to thank Andrew and the entire Akron Marathon team for thinking of us, and Panera Bread for being an awesome sponsor of this event and now, our team!

What if your favorite item on the Panera Bread menu? What do I need to try!


  1. I am so pumped about this!!

    My absolute FAVORITE thing on the Panera menu is the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. It's so yummy! :-)

  2. Awesome! I love Panera, but I never remember to check out the secret menu items which of course seem healthier. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Yum! I love Panera! I like everything there. No seriously, everything. Grab me a cinnamon crunch bagel, k?