Monday, July 28, 2014

Vega Sport Performance Protein Review

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the lovely ladies at Fit Approach about partnering with Vega Sport for a review opportunity. I filled out the form and hoped to have been picked to be able to review the Vega Sport Performance Protein. I was lucky enough to have been chosen!

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Why was I so interested in trying Vega Sport? Besides the fact that they are an uber awesome social media presence (twitter: @Vegateam), the products themselves are very vegan friendly. I do not eat red meat, and have had problems with whey proteins in the past not agreeing with my system. It was time to find out how to Fuel Your Better.

Ding ding!!! This screams me!

Some of the perks of Vega Sport protein is that it is made with all natural, plant-based ingredients with no animal products. It is made primarily with whole foods in their freshest and least processed form. Plus it provides a balance of protein, carbs, healthy fats and contributes to the daily intake of vitamins and minerals when mixed in water.

I was really excited when my Vega Sport Performance Protein came. The Vega Sport Performance Protein is used to improve strength and exercise performance, repair and build muscles and reduce recovery time between training. It works best within 30-90 minutes of your workout but it can also be used throughout the day to feel your best.

Mine is a vanilla flavor which worked perfect for me. Each serving came in an individual pouch which made it super simple to travel with. I talked to a few people who have used Vega Sport before and they told me to just go for it. They also have a ton of recipes to get to fueling your better!

I decided to take my first recovery shake with only water and a splash of coconut water.

It tasted like cake batter right after it was done being mixed. I was very surprised with myself that I finished the whole thing. Something I could never do with whey protein!

I started to branch out and make my usual strawberry and cream protein shake. The Vega Sport Performance Protein mixed really well.

I felt very good physically also! My training's felt much better than when I use the whey protein to recover. So much so I decided to do a little experiment.

I decided to not use any Vega Sport Performance Protein the night before my long run last week. Around mile eight, I started cramping in my stomach really bad. I powered through and instantly went home to make a recovery shake. I started feeling so much better!

Even Dangle loved it!

I am so sold on Vega Sport Performance Protein. I really want to try to berry flavor next! I cannot thank Vega Sport and the ladies at Fit Approach for this partnership. It has made me a believer! I could not think of a better way to Fuel Your Better!

How do you fuel your better? How would Vega Sport help you in your training?


  1. I love the vega products :) they recovery accelerator packets (like crystal light sticks, kinda?) are really good!

  2. I've tried several of the Vega Nutritional Shakes but never the recovery protein. Next on my list. Thanks for the review. I would be ALL about the Vanilla, but the strawberry and cream sounds divine.

  3. I JUST bought some Vega protein this weekend; have not tried it yet (trying to finish off my old stuff first), but I am feeling VERY encouraged by your review, Steff! I can't wait to try it out, and I'm looking forward to something that will better support me during training. Thanks so much! Great post!

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