Sunday, August 17, 2014

Columbus Marathon Training: Week Seven

Week seven could just be called week six jr. I had some shades of knowing what I was doing, and shades of wanting to cut my legs off. 

I am no professional, but by this point I feel like I should sort of be able to be consistant in my pace. Nope. Not at all. 

I had five workouts this week, rolling hills and trail work, equaling 38.5 miles. For August, I have 93.5 miles and for 2014 I have 737 miles.

On Saturday I got two watch Gloria and Kelsey run the Yinzer 5K. I love getting to watch my friends run! Gloria even got a new PR!! Oh, google the word Yinzer if you are not from Pittsburgh lol. 

I decided to get bagels from Panera for the girls to refuel after their 5K. Since I ran those awesome five miles (photo four) I treated myself to my favorite Everything bagel!

Next week is a cutback long run week (yay). It is also the halfway point of training. This is where the mental games come in to play. Hope I'm ready!

How do you prep for mileage buildup? What is your favorite Panera bagel? 

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  1. Favorite Panera Bagel is the Cinnamon crunch. Are there any others? You made it through another week! I love a good cutback week as well.