Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Things Friday 8.1

Can I be the first one to say, THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY!!! This week has been pretty rough on me. I am so happy that Friday is here and I can relax a little!!

I'm really excited because I am racing tonight!!! The Liberty Mile is tonight and I get to see a whole bunch of my run friends!! Plus, I get to wear my Oiselle Flock singlet for the first time!!

Of course adding a SPARKLY SOUL headband!
Orange for my girl Cecilia!!

I will catch you guys up on the race later this weekend, but I figured you are here for five awesome things from this week. Why would I keep you from them!

1. Here are 26.2 thoughts you have had through a marathon. Add in a few curse words and it is completely true!

2. After MONTHS of waiting, my mom is slowly starting to move in to her house!! This is even more awesome because I will have a bed to sleep in when I travel back to Allentown for the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon in five weeks!!

3. We booked one of our race-cations for 2015 earlier this week!! Once I sign up for the race it will feel slightly more real.

4. Captain Chelsea FINALLY got her blog up and running!! Head over and show her some love!!

5. Huge congrats goes out to Jen (@jenbigham) for her win at the San Francisco Second Half Marathon! Her recap is here. Make sure you give her some props on crushing it!

July was an awesome training month, and I am very much looking forward to August!!!

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  1. I love the orange! Good choice :-) and clearly it brought you good luck!