Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Things Friday 8.8

FRIDAY!!! There may not be a sweeter word in the English language! I will put it up there with taper and vacation!

Anyway, let's not beat around the bush! Five things you really need to check out from this week!

1. Tara blogs over at Running N Reading. She is a fellow flock mate and I have loved interacting with her! She took one of my tweets about cleaning out my sock drawer and had a hilarious post about it! Check it out here!

2. Have you heard of Man Crates? If you haven't check them out! Such a great idea! ANYWAY, the people over at Man Crates have decided there should be a holiday to celebrate your friendships! PAL-entine's Day is their idea and they want to celebrate it six months from Valentine's Day! Seriously! You can see all the information here!

3. Through a few of my Flockmates, I have been introduced to Gametiime. It is a website where you can connect with other people running the same races as you! It is a really cool idea! If you sign up, make sure you add me! (sas_rubel)

4. The finishers medals have been reveled for the Akron Marathon!! They are really cool and I am super excited to get to earn one here in a few weeks!!

5. The Liberty Mile fixed their results. My watch told me I ran a 6:31, but the results said 6:33. Well, with the new results, I was correct! I ran a 6:31 mile which is one second off my PR!! I feel much better!

Hope this helps make your Friday move a little quicker! Enjoy the weekend, I will catch up with you guys soon!!


  1. Steff! Thanks so much for the shout-out today; you are awesome since, obviously, you were my inspiration this week. :) I'm really going to try to get to that sock drawer this weekend - ha! I had never heard of Man Crates, but I've already looked them up and this is a genius idea; will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks, too, for the Gametiime link; I keep forgetting to register with them, so I did it just now and I am now following you. Great post!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Yay! I've loved getting to interact with Tara too! Hoping I can hang with her soon since she's a couple hours away from me. I'm glad they fixed that speedy mile! A couple of seconds truly make a difference :) Have a good weekend!