Friday, September 19, 2014

Five Things Friday 9.19

Happy Friday!!! This week has been something, I can tell you that! Through all the crazy, I did happen to find five things to be excited about!

We all have weeks like this, I am hoping to shake mine before my long run on Sunday!

Okay, so here are the five things from this week that I want to share from this week!

1. Today marks ONE MONTH until Columbus!!! The excitement is building and the fear is subsiding. I am more anxious at this point. Yeah, we'll go with that...

2. One week from today I will be reunited with some of my best running friends in Akron, Ohio!! We got awful news that we are now Three Princesses and a Frog. Sarah is in a boot and cannot run the race. I will be taking her leg, which is fine since I could use the miles. She will still be with us hanging out, but I wish she could still race with us!

3. WELCOME to all the new Oiselle Flock members!! I was so excited to see all the activity surrounding my flock earlier this week. Such an amazing team and I'm so thrilled!

4. So hubby hit a deer Tuesday night. He is fine, but his car will take some fixing.

5. I have started thinking about some sort of training plan for New Orleans. I am not sure how to attack this race, since I will not have a full 16 weeks to train. I will figure it out. I always do!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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