Friday, September 5, 2014

Five Things Friday 9.5

Thanks to my amazing friend Lauren for this Five Things Friday post! She tagged me to share 10 things about myself! Thought it might be a nice change from the ordinary!

1. My ultimate fear in life is falling. Like falling out of a window or some situation where I am not in control. 

2. I have one tattoo, but I desperately want another one. Hubby doesn't like tattoos so that's why I haven't gotten it. 

3. I am a recovering nail biter. I have good and bad days. 

4. It is very hard for me to be angry. You really have to do something drastic to make my angry. (Insert hulk joke). 

5. I very rarely wear makeup. 

6. I hate all of my wedding pictures. I have been trying for years to get new photos taken to replace them. 

7. I spent my 18th birthday at Wimbledon. It was amazing. 

8. I very much dislike mint chocolate chip ice cream. I don't get it. 

9. My favorite Disney movie is 101 Dalmatians. 

10. I sleep with a teddy bear. His name is Driver. Hubby bought him for me when we first started dating after he went away for a golf tournament. (Hence the name). 

I challenge Cecilia, Tara, Missy, Kim and Shaun

Have a great weekend guys! 

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