Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lehigh Valley Half Marathon Preview

This training plan has been forcing me to be outside my comfort zone. One of the ways it is doing that is by making me race!

I usually never race during marathon training. Not even a 5k. The training planned for a half marathon during either week nine or ten. Mary, one of my Oiselle Flockmates, shared an article with me about racing during marathon training and it made me feel much better about everything! 

I decided on the Lehigh Valley half marathon.

I am really looking forward to this race for a few reasons. The first being it's in my hometown and I don't have to get a hotel! Score! 

The second is that this will be my first point to point race! Something new!! 

The race is a full marathon, half marathon and relay. The full marathon and relay start in Allentown. The half starts in Bethlehem, right near where the Runners World races were held. The finish line is in Easton.

The course was designed by Bart Yasso himself, which instantly makes it a must do!

I met Bart last year at the Runner's World half.

This race is the second highest Boston qualifying course. It is a steady decline the whole race. 

Since I haven't been training for this race, per say, I have no idea what to expect! During my longs runs, I have averaged about a 2:06 half marathon and have had to really think about goals. So I thought of a few that I think are quite achievable. 

1. Finish - because isn't that really everyone's goal?

2. Marathon pace - I really want to run this at marathon pace (9:30). Will it happen, probably not but a girl can dream. Realistically, I think I will finish between 2:00-2:05 but the goal is 2:05-2:10. 

3. Fueling - I am using this race to practicing my fueling. During my long runs I have been getting really good at drinking and fueling while on the run. Now is the time to do it during a race. It will also be the first time I fill up my water bottle during a race. 

4. Mental state - I have been doing a really good job this training playing the mental game. I just need to translate it to a race. 

If you happen to be in the Lehigh Valley area this weekend, stop by! There are going to be some amazing runners out there trying to BQ. They deserve all the support that can be given! 

Good luck to everyone! If you see me, say hello!! 

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