Friday, October 24, 2014

Five Things Friday 10.24

I am five days post marathon! I'm not gonna lie, I am still riding the PR high!

So, I decided this weeks Five Things Friday would be five stories from the Columbus Marathon!

1. I am not one to normally share proof photos, but I love this photo from running in the horseshoe!

2. I heard that there was a problem with some people getting their finisher medals! Here is the statement from the Columbus Marathon!

3. Later in the day on Sunday, I heard from Shaun who said he saw me pass him at mile 18! I thought I saw him but figured I was crazy since he should have been way ahead of me! He wrote two great posts about the race. Number one and number two!

4. Emily is one of my flockmates. She was hoping for a stellar time in Columbus, but ended up stopping at the half mark. Her story is so heartwarming!

5. My amazing friend Kim may not have gotten the BQ she was aiming for, but she is my inspiration and always will be! Her race shows everyone you can have a plan, but anything can happen on race day!

Good Luck to everyone racing this weekend!! I will be enjoying the rest of my rest week! I am nine miles away from a 100 mile October so I will be back at it soon enough!


  1. Congrats again on your awesome PR. I would be riding the PR high too! I did read about the finishers medal issue. What great lengths the race director went through to try to get the medals for everyone!

  2. Congrats Steff!! Love your photo.