Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Things Friday 10.3

Well hello there my little corner of the internet! This week has been flying by! I’m easing in to my taper and enjoying some extra free time. I have also been dealing with some allergy issues and haven’t had a voice since Sunday night.

I know, awful!

So, despite my lack of communication, I have found five things that I really needed to share with you.

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1. Book It is back! Yes, the thing Pizza Hut put on for you to read books and get free pizza! Just stop what you are doing and click here.

2. Elite Daily posted an article called “6 Important Life Lessons Generation-Y Learned from D-Generation X”. Me, being a huge wrestling fan, enjoyed them very much!

3. Have you seen the video of the puppy ringing the bell for treats? If not, here is your cute factor of the day!

4. My dear friend Chelsea decided 2015 is her year to run her first full marathon! She will be running Pittsburgh in May. A group of us decided she couldn't run it alone, so we decided to put together a relay team called Chasing Chelsea to help her cross the finish line!

5. Speaking of the Pittsburgh Marathon, registration opened on Tuesday, but you can still get some pretty sweet savings by registering before November! Plus, they added a Steel Challenge if you run the 5K along with any of the Saturday races!

Have a great end of the week folks. I will catch back up with you on Sunday!


  1. Thank you for my cute fix for the day. :) I hate to hear that you are struggling with stupid allergies (I know them well), but also happy to hear that you are enjoying some well-deserved taper time! YAY! Get lots of rest and get're going to FLY! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh, that video is so cute! I want to try it with my dog!

  3. Where can I find out about the Steel Challenge for the Pittsburgh marathon? I've been looking on their website and can't find it!