Monday, October 20, 2014

The Columbus Marathon Expo

Columbus Marathon weekend was finally here! Of course, everything begins with going to the expo! I was super excited to be sharing this course with some of my friends and my husband, Joe, made the trip as well.

So Joe, Gloria and I took a trip through downtown Columbus and started at the expo. It was located at the Convention Center in a huge ballroom. Saturday was also the day of Ohio State's homecoming football game so there were tons of people hitting the expo early. 

Banners all over!

We go to the enterance and knew we had arrived! Everything was very clearly labeled and people were everywhere asking if you needed help. 

Here goes nothing!
Thank you for the reminder!
Last good look at the course!
They wished everyone a Happy Birthday who celebrated this weekend!

The packet pickup was located upstairs of the expo, again, tons of signs to get you there. 

There were also all the patient champions on display! The Nationwide Children's Hospital is the title sponsor of the race. Every mile is signified with a patient champion. They will have a huge party with a giant foam hand that you can high five. 

Patient Champions!

Packet pickup was quick and painless, expect that I didn't get safety pins. Then it was time to hit the vendors! 


I got my foot taped up, looked for some good deals and saw Kim and Toni! 

I was so excited to see Kim for a little!

After we were done, we headed over to the North Market so I could get some Jeni's ice cream. If you have never had it, YOU NEED TO! 

Strawberry ice cream is my favorite!

We then walked up the Short North and found a Melt restaurant! We have always wanted to go to one! SO DELISH!! 

Grilled Cheese with bacon! Amazing!
Joe was happy too!

We ended up going back to Gloria's boyfriends apartment for the rest of the day. I took a nap while they all went out for dinner and safety pins. It was time to rest up for the race!!!


  1. I loved seeing your pictures this weekend, Steff, and that food from Melt looks amazing! Also, your race shirt is SWEET, right?!? I love it! I can't believe they didn't make sure you had safety pins, but I'm pretty sure I've done that before, too. Add that to the travel list, right? :) Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. I really liked their expo, it was very easy to navigate through and you didn't have to wait in long lines. Very organized and all the vendors that were there seemed to be good.