Wednesday, October 8, 2014

You Give Taper A Bad Name

Week two of my taper is in full effect, and I am having a great time! I love tapering. It is the time to reflect on how awesome you have been the past few weeks/months. It is also time to cement race day plans and get in some extra rest you have been missing through training.

It has come to my attention that not everyone has a wonderful experience with the taper and I do. In fact, some people become scary, irritable and just plain miserable for the two – three weeks before their goal race.

I just don’t understand!

I was on Pinterest and typed in Marathon Taper, you know for blog research. These are some of the things I found:

Even on twitter, I got in to an interesting conversation with one of my Flockmates about her having a hard time taking time off to taper.

Then there’s me. I am LOVING my taper so much! I wish I could give a piece of it to everyone who has all of these terrible problems! This training has been really tough on me mentally, so having a few weeks to sit back and prepare has really helped me.

I have been watching race course videos, and reading recaps from last year non-stop. I have dissected the course map to get the most out of my 26.2 miles. I even have my race weekend mapped out hour by hour. I am so ready.

Not to mention the extra sleep I have gotten, the laundry that has been done on time and put away. The fact that I have seen my husband on a week night is a momentous occasion in itself! I am able to take more time to tend to some aches and pains that are actually there, plus start working on my training plan for my next marathon in January.

No, I haven’t done that yet.


This goes along with following your own journey. Some people have a huge issue with tapering, but some of us don’t. If you are tapering for the first time and are not experiencing the craziness that you thought would be coming, no worries! You are ready to run a marathon, you just react in a different way.

I will be over here smiling, singing some crazy song and dancing through my last few runs before Columbus on October 19. Please, feel free to join me! 


  1. I remember when I ran my first marathon last year I was SURE that I was going to LOVE tapering. Sleeping in, short runs, rest? What's not to love about that?! Then, I experienced just about everything on that checklist and was a bundle of nervous, terrified energy for two weeks!
    I'm hoping that when I run my next marathon I'm able to embrace the taper and enjoy it rather than freak out for two straight weeks ;-)

  2. I enjoy the taper but I always start to get nervous that it is going to make me lose a step or 2. So this year I changed the way I taper up and I am happy with the results, we will see how it transforms into the race though

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the taper. I am always glad that the hardest workouts are over and the race I have spent so much time preparing for is finally close, but I do get a little crazy and start to obsess about weather, getting sick, etc.

    What is even worse than the taper, in my opinion, is the post-race blues. I am currently experiencing this - sad it is over, legs feel like crap and furiously on the hunt for the next race to repeat the whole process! : )

  4. Steff, I, too, wonder about all of these taper madness pics, posts, etc., I usually really look forward to the taper - ha! I know when I trained for the marathon in March, I was really starting to feel kind of burned out about four weeks before the race; the taper really helped me put all of that training in perspective and helped me to get more amped up about what that training would mean! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Steffany Smith RubelOctober 8, 2014 at 6:52 PM

    I have always loved my taper. I never had the crazies! I think it's my general mood of being calm and not overreacting. I hope you can learn to love it!

  6. Steffany Smith RubelOctober 8, 2014 at 6:53 PM

    I love that you are confident enough to take that step! I always look back on my training during my taper to prove to myself that I can do it.

  7. Steffany Smith RubelOctober 8, 2014 at 6:54 PM

    The post-race blues are so real! I have that problem everytime! This time, I start training for my next full two weeks later so I need to shake it quick!

  8. Steffany Smith RubelOctober 8, 2014 at 6:55 PM

    I love the journey aspect of training and the taper helps build that up for me! I love getting to reward myself for some awesome trainings!