Tuesday, November 11, 2014

December Run Challenge

Last December, I was training for the Goofy Challenge and I knew I was going to need some motivation to get through the month. December is a really tough month for everyone with the holidays and the weather. Most people do not have a training plan going on through December, especially in the North East.

With all of my fears in mind, I took to Facebook. I found a group of about 30 people who wanted to participate in a December Run Challenge. From this challenge, I personally completed over 120 miles and so much motivation from people who were ready to get a head start on 2014.

I have been getting asked if the December Run Challenge will be returning for 2014. I am here to officially announce that The Second Annual December Run Challenge will be back!

From December 1 through December 31, the challenge will be active! Every week starts on Monday. For each week, set a mileage goal for yourself. This is your goal. It is not a contest. This is here to help motivate through a time of the year when people tend to put running on the back burner! Every Sunday, you will be asked to report back to see if you reached your goal!

When you report back, you will be entered to win that specific weeks prize! How cool is that!

There will also be flash challenges throughout the week. If you participate in the flash challenges, you get extra entries to the weekly prizes! The challenges will be posted through my social media pages, so you will want to follow along! 

Facebook         Twitter        Instagram.

And of course, the official hashtag to follow along with is #DecemberRunChallenge.

This is all about supporting each other! The more people we have participate in the challenge, the more fun it will be! So tell all of your friends! I cannot wait to run with all of you!!

Here is the list of the weekly prizes! Thank you so much to all the companies who helped to make this possible!!

Week 1: December 1 – 7: Handana
Week 2: December 8 – 14: Momentum and SPARKLY SOUL
Week 3: December 15 – 21: PRO Compression
Week 4: December 22 – 28: Moji and ENERGYbits
Week 5: December 29 – 31: Gone For A Run

Registration is free and will be opened for the entire month! Jump in whenever you would like! I will send out the link every Sunday to the email that you provide. The link will also be pinned to the top of my Facebook page and will be added to the December Run Challenge page at the top of my blog.

So are you in? Sign up here!

Once you sign up, make sure you share through social media! You can share the tweet below and post the photo on Instagram to get all your friends to join in the fun!

I signed up for the #DecemberRunChallenge hosted by @sas_rubel – have you? Sign up now! Http://sasrubel.blogspot.com


  1. If my IT band cooperates - I am IN!! Great idea!

  2. This is too cool! I'm totally in!

  3. YAY! I'm signed up, Steff! This is awesome!

  4. I'm cutting back for December--I've got some nagging aches and pains, but I'll participate with a lower mileage goal than my usual 100 per month! I want to finish 2014 with 1000 miles and I"m only 50 away...