Friday, November 28, 2014

Five Things Friday 11.28

Happy Black Friday! How else would we celebrate this day but chatting about Christmas shopping!

There is one month until Christmas! I am not a big Christmas person, but I know that shopping can be extremely stressful. People are hard to please, especially if you have different interests!

For a non-runner, shopping for a runner is a very high stress situation. Trust me, I am aware! We are particular people! Never fear, I have five different options for all the runners on your list!

1. Finding stocking stuffers for non runners is quiet easy. Usually candy will get the job done. For the runner in your life, find out which energy gel they preferred. Grab a few tubes of Nuun as well. Super easy things that are inexpensive!

I love some Nuun!

2. If your Secret Santa is a runner, this can be really challenging for some people. Most Secret Santa's have the participant list three things they are interested in. Why not surprise them with something they wouldn't expect! SPARKLY SOUL is now offering holiday three packs which is perfect for a Secret Santa!

You don't even need to pick three, they already come together!

3. I also recommend compression socks. These are something a runner ALWAYS needs and will never complain about getting!

Yep, I love them!

3a. Wildcard gift, a medal holder. Yes, your favorite runner may already have one, but there are always races to run and bling to earn! 

Always room for more!

4. So you married a runner and every year you want to get the perfect gift for your favorite person. Shoes are always a great go to gift. Super easy to figure out which ones they wear as well, take a photo!! If you take a picture of the shoes you want to buy, any running store associate can help you locate them. Make sure you take note of the size and width.

You can never go wrong with shoes!

5. Race entry is also an awesome gift. It is really easy to sign someone up for a race! Most events actually advertise sales around the holidays! You don't have to enter goal times or anything! If the runner on your list has talked about running a few races in different locations next year, this about looking into a Rock N Roll Marathon Tour Pass. Three races cost $200, which is an amazing deal! 

Now, every runner is different, but this is at least a start! I am always here to ask shopping questions!

Runners: What is your favorite running related gift you have received?

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