Friday, November 7, 2014

Five Things Friday 11.7

Hello internet! Happy Friday! I am currently in bed, watching the news and drinking coffee. It's pretty amazing!

I had my long run planned for today, but I am SO not ready to run in the snow. The treadmill awaits! 

With the cold weather finally arriving, I decided to share my five favorite pieces of winter running gear! 

1. Oiselle Leslie Tights - I have been looking for fleece lined running pants since the polar vortex. When I finally stumbled across these, they were out of stock in my size. I finally got to order them this week and I can't wait to get them! They also have mesh behind the knee, just like the Leslie knickers, which is a great feature! 

2. Brooks Vapor Socks - I always run in Brooks socks, when I'm not wearing compression. The Vapor socks are thicker than the regular running socks. They also have extra padding by the toes which is super awesome! 

3. Under Armour Storm Beanie and Ear Warmer - I normally do not wear hats. When I saw this beanie I was all on board because of the pony tail hole! I wear the beanie in the snow. For windy days, you can find me in the ear warmer. It stays in place very well and isn't very thick. 

4. K√∂ppen Rain Jacket - I bought this jacket on super clearance and never thought I would love it for running! It is a water proof jacket with a very light fleece lined inside. Plus, there are tons of super cute colors! I only wear it in snow. 

5. Basic Cotton Gloves - I am not a gloves kind of person, until last winter. I ended up going to Walmart and buying a two pack of basic cotton gloves for under $2. This way if I lost them, I didn't feel bad! I own other running gloves, but I really prefer these! 

Stay warm out there everyone! Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! I am going to cheer on my Oiselle Flockmates at the EQT 10 Miler on Sunday! 

What is your go to winter running gear? 


  1. I love under armour's tights and cold gear for underneath all the layers. It worked for me when I golfed and works for me for running, too!

  2. Steff, I love my Lesley knickers and I can't wait to get some tights - augh! May have to do this soon; it's supposed to be down in the 20s next weekend. My favorite beanie is an Under Armor one, as well - so light, but also warm. Thanks so much for sharing your faves - love this! Hope you have a great weekend and try to stay warm, friend!

  3. Steph I hope you posted this for nothing and old man winter doesn't come for a while. When I saw snow today I wanted to cry

  4. Those Lesley knickers look so cute - loving all the new products Oiselle is releasing! That is too funny about your gloves - b/c I just discovered the same thing. I just bought 3 packs of them and used it for NY this past weekend. When I threw them away it did not bother me. I also bought one of their headbands for under $2 and used if for the entire marathon. Have a great weekend!