Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rock N Roll NOLA Training: Week Two

This week did not go as expected. I wish I could put on a happy face, but I can't.

I tried to follow the positive thinking train all week, but it didn't happen. 

This week I had four workouts. They totaled 15 miles. For November I have 54.1 miles and 1,089 miles for 2014. 

I fought off the cold early in the week. I was very proud of myself for that! I felt really awful on Monday, but by Wednesday I was back to normal.

When I finished my six mile run, I had a horrible pain in my right foot. The pain is on the outside right by the ankle bone. It shoots up my leg to about my calf everytime I take a step. I also am sporting a wicked bruise. I tried to run but only made it a mile. 

When I woke up Sunday morning, things were starting to feel a little better. I am pretty convinced I stepped weird while I was running through construction, or that my body was telling me I needed a rest. 

Since this week was a cutback week, I decided to skip my long run. It was a hard decision, because I'm stubborn, but I'm pretty sure my husband hid my running shoes. Sometimes we need an outsider to tell us we are crazy. 

So, for the upcoming week, I shall be flying by the seat of my pants. We are supposed to get some weather here early in the week, and I will be working a ton as well. There might be a lot of treadmill dates way before the sun comes up. Hey, gotta do what I gotta do. Let's just hope my foot gets better! 

I am also 22 miles away from my 2014 mileage goal!!! I am so excited and lucky to have pulled this goal out after not being able to run most of February!! Who knows, maybe I will get to 1,200! 

Don't forget to sign up for the December Run Challenge! We have so many awesome runners already signed up, but we can always use some more! There are some awesome prizes from some great companies, and it's all free!

How close are you to your 2014 running goals?


  1. Awesome job being so close to your goal already!
    Hope your foot is feeling better.

  2. Hope your foot is nothing major. I didn't set a total miles goal for 2014 because I don't want to be worried about trying to hit it. I just worried about the races and my times. Some were great and some were really bad.

  3. It sucks that you had to cut out a long run, but it's great that you did! I am well versed in needing to cut back out of an abundance of caution. I have to remind myself that I would rather miss one run for a few miles than miss months of running for lotsa miles :-)
    Hopefully you'll be back at it this week!