Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stress Fracture: Week Two

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I have made it through another week in the boot. This week was interesting to say the least.

Week two, progress but still swollen.

In the early part of the week I was still in a lot of pain. My foot was very swollen and so were my toes. I was really starting to get worried that maybe this would be a longer process than I thought. By Wednesday the pain was finally starting to chill out. I was so excited! My toes were still really swollen but no pain made everything so much better! 

Thursday I had my husband stretch out my foot and leg for me. I have noticed my right leg is starting to get smaller, and with chicken legs already I was not too thrilled. 

I worked ALL DAY on Black Friday. On my feet from 2am until 10pm. I was starting to feel it again. I had to drive through North Park and I had an emotional moment. I drove past the exact spot I felt the fracture happen. I saw people running and I was really angry. I have been doing really well emotionally with this diagnosis, but there is only so much one person can take. 

So for Saturday I tried to stay off my foot as much as possible. I was finally able to bend my toes for the first time in two weeks! It wasn't much, but it was pretty awesome! This reoccurring pain has been pretty steady through the later part of the week, but so much better than it was. 

My MRI is on Thursday and I am really hoping everything comes back good. I am ready to get back out there! I am also super excited to start the December Run Challenge tomorrow!!! 

So officially for November I had 58.1 miles. I have 1,093 miles for 2014. That give me 18 miles needed for the rest of 2014 to hit my 1,111 mile goal. I am really frustrated because I know I should have already hit that goal. The mental aspect of the injury is really starting to get to me. I know I can do it, I have no choice. 

How did you do in November? Did you hit your goals?


  1. So sorry about your injury. Cannot imagine how frustrating it must be.

  2. Steffany Smith RubelNovember 30, 2014 at 6:02 PM

    Thanks Abby. One day at a time!

  3. I hope the MRI goes well this week. It's one thing to not run cause you don't feel like it but quite another not to because you can't. I get emotional too when I'm unable. Keep us posted!

    Wish I could do Dec run challenge but not sure how much I'll be able to run.

  4. Hopefully you get some good news when you go for your MRI. The mental part of an injury is something a lot of people don't talk about but I think that is the hardest part of an injury. We are runners, we run and when we can't it breaks us down. Hang in there and you will be back out there soon. Maybe you should avoid the park, lol

  5. Thank you for hosting this great challenge

  6. So glad the pain is starting to go away!
    I totally understand being upset seeing everyone else out running. As others have said - it's so hard to see people out there doing what you want to do but can't. I admire you for staying so positive through this - it is so much easier said than done! :-)
    I just signed up (a little late) for the Run challenge. I'm running a half marathon on Sunday so I won't be running much for the rest of the month, but this challenge will keep me motivated!