Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Things Friday 11.5

Happy Friday folks! We made it! Today is the start of a little vacation for me and I'm really excited! 

Remember, this weeks flash challenge for the December Run Challenge!! You have until you report back on Sunday to post! 

I thought this week I would share five holidays sales I saw! Since I'm done with Christmas shopping, I thought you all might be able to take advantage! 

1. If you have been eying up the Oiselle Yeti, it is 20% off this weekend! Use promo code GETYETI

2. PRO Compression has a 40% promo code right now. Use promo code DAILY

3. If you are on Zulily, there are some fantastic deals on Mizuno gear! Not only on shoes but on apparel too! 

4. I hope you already have the Cartwheel app from Target. Everyday they release a new toy on incredible savings! You cannot miss it! 

5. Who doesn't love Kohls! If you spend $100 or more you can save 25% on your order with promo code PRANCER. If you use that same promo code under $100 you can save 20%! 

Hope this helps you guys finish up some of your shopping! Have a great weekend!! 

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