Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Living the Boot Free Life!

My follow up appointment for my stress fracture was today. To say I was anxious may have been an understatement! 

I got my MRI last Thursday and waited very patiently for the results. I took Joe with me to the appointment for moral support. 

So we got to the sport medicine center and waited to be seen. When Dr. Sisk came in he immediately undid the boot and said "the good thing is you don't need to wear this anymore!"


He proceeded to do a few tests on my foot and we could both tell things were better, except for one thing. The bruising was still there and I was having a hard time moving my toes. If you hit near the fracture point, my foot went numb. 

Dr. Sisk brought the MRI up and showed us where the fracture was. Now, it is a very little white spot which is amazing! The aggressive attempt to fight off the stress fracture worked! 

The bruising and numbness is probably from the boot. I am having some nerve issues in my foot, but with some different stretching techniques, it should go back to normal soon! 

I turned to him and asked him if I could still do Rock n Roll NOLA. Straight up asked, and he said no. Didn't even think about it. After I pleaded with him and told him I wouldn't "race" it but just run it he didn't say no. He told me there will always be more races, but if I really wanted to do it, he wasn't going to stop me. It was completely up to me. 

We believe the culprit of the problem came from two different places. The first was me trying to extend the life on my last pair of shoes. Even though I was rotating my shoes the constant back and forth could have done something. The second was from running out at North Park through the construction. The changes in terrain could have caused it. Either way, I am on the road to recovery! 

I am still not allowed to run for another week, but in a few days I can start walking on the treadmill. If I have pain free walks I can start running next Tuesday or Wednesday! 

Me and Joe talked about it on the way home, and I am going to attempt NOLA. Thankfully, my good friend Lauren will be doing the half and I will be doing it with her! I will evaluate how I feel half way and will then make the decision to go for the full or stop. 

I cannot thank you all for all the support through the past three weeks. It has been a struggle to say the lease. I am so lucky to have an amazing support system to help me focus on the task at hand! 

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