Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stress Fracture: Week Three

Sorry for the late update. We were out of town for the weekend! 

So on the stress fracture end, I'm still a little swollen and bruised. I had my MRI on Thursday and have my follow up appointment on Tuesday. From how I have been feeling, I am pretty convinced that I will continue to be in the boot. 

That way if I do get that diagnosis I will be mentally ready for it. But we will have to see! 

Today is my nephews first birthday! I can't believe it! He is a sweet little boy and we were so excited we could celebrate with him today! 

Also, if you are participating in the December Run Challenge, there is a link in the tab on the top bar to report back. All mileage recorded gets you entered into this weeks prize thanks to Handana! You can still share your race shirts for an extra entry as well! 

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