Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Week That Was - 12/15 - 12-21

Man does it feel good to be running again!! I am more excited that I can finally participate in the December Run Challenge with you all! If you need to report back your miles the link is in the December Run Challenge page at the top of my blog!

I have adapted a slogan for the next five weeks: Slow and steady gets to the starting line! 

I had four workouts this week totaling 18 miles. Most of these were on the treadmill and I am really okay with it. They were slow, and I could feel my body wanting to go faster, but I know I am not ready. 

Do you see that last picture? I hit my 2014 mileage goal!!! 

I feel a weight lifted once I hit that mileage. The sense of accomplishment is something I haven't felt in months. I'm slowly getting back to, well, me!

Other news, I will be taking over the Pittsburgh Running Bloggers! I am so excited to do this! I should have everything ready by next week. 

I have also made some race decisions for 2015. Since Rock n Roll has yet to decide on a date for the Philly race, I am erasing it from my schedule. Instead, we are all going back to Akron!! We will be running the half marathon!! 

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone! We will be talking again soon! 

What 2015 race are you really looking forward to? 

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  1. Running my first half marathon in May in Pittsburgh!

    So, tell me more about the Pittsburgh Running Bloggers.