Sunday, December 14, 2014

Walk It Out

Since I was given the green light to start walking this week, I was so excited!! I wanted to take it slow and just enjoy being active again! 

I walked four time this week. The first two were on the treadmill and the second were outside with some hills. I walked 12 miles this week! 

There was so much progress this week! I have been doing a lot of the nerve work that the doctor told me about and I can FINALLY bend all of my toes! It's amazing, it really is! I am still a little bit bruised but it is going away. 

The plan is to start running on Wednesday. I will have five weeks to get ready for Rock n Roll NOLA. The new goal for the race is to finish. I am very at peace with the fact that this will not be the race I planned for, but that it's about recovery! 

If you need to report back your December Run Challenge miles, the link is in the DRC page on the top bar! 

When is your next race? Any big goals? 


  1. Even though you will not have a lot of time to prepare for Nola I think you will be fine. You have a strong base to go off of and a few weeks without training much shouldnt hurt you to bad

  2. I love the smile on your face in those pics (and that jump!). Oh the sheer joy of being active again after injury! Good for you!