Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Things Friday 1.9

Happy Friday everyone!! I am less than two weeks away from my trip to Louisiana and I am getting really excited! The weather has been VERY AWFUL here in Pittsburgh and I am ready for some warmer temps!

This week has been pretty awesome, despite the weather. I ever have five fun things to share with you from the week!

1. I found this link of 22 Weird and Annoying Things Runners Do. There are all pretty true! Made me laugh really hard! You can find it here (

2. I came home to an awesome package from Special K earlier this week! I got some yummy Special K Snack Bars and Brownies which I will review for you all early next week!

3. Speaking of fun mail, I got the most adorable letter from Cecilia Thursday!! She is seriously the sweetest person! I now have some Nuun tattoos for NOLA!!

Guys I'm so lucky to have amazing friends!

4. I have been talking about buying the Oiselle Off The Grid shorts for MONTHS! I finally pulled the trigger and bought them. They came on Wednesday and they are too big! I was crushed! Having to send them back on Thursday was so hard. I love the pattern so much, but sadly, my tiny frame ruined something else!

I am so sad they had to go back, I LOVE the hoodie though!

5. The nerve issue from my stress fracture is still hanging around. It has started to get quite annoying. I reached out to KT Tape to see if they had any recommendations. They did and it has helped me so much! For the time I am wearing the tape, the numbness is gone! It has been a life saver!

Stay warm guys! It looks like we have a few more days of this cold and then the temps come back up a little! I’m hoping to run outside again!

What was the lowest temps you saw this week? I saw 0 on Thursday!

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  1. These arctic temps everybody is having makes me grateful for the mid-40s grey and cloudy in Seattle! Stay warm and have a great weekend.