Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How To Pack For A Destination Race

It's race week!!! I am so excited that it is finally here!! I am one of those people who triple checks EVERYTHING before I leave for a trip. Even if it just a weekend. I drive my husband nuts!

This will be my fourth marathon in four different states. Each marathon had been different, travel wise. When I ran Pittsburgh I just rolled out of bed and got taken to the start line. Disney was a whole week trip, so I packed for an entire week! Columbus was a long weekend. We drove there so it didn't matter how much I brought. 

For this race, I will not be checking a bag on my flight. I am restricted on my carry on size. 



I am really lucky to be staying with friends, so basic things like shampoo, towels and a blow dryer are things I didn't need to think about. Still, this is scary! What if I need something! 

Talking it out helps me so much, I decided to share my packing tips with you all! 


The first thing I did was pull out my must have racing stuff. This is the reason I'm going down! 

My must haves!

To save room, I will be wearing my race shoes on the plane! Something I learned while going to Disney, you can replace race day outfits but shoes are pretty hard to replace! 

Next, I packed my non running clothes. We will be going out one night during my trip, and I needed to have options! 

Sometimes, I clean up!

Next, I packed my expo and post race clothes.  Pretty much comfy and compression clothes.

So comfy!

Another space saver tip, I'll be wearing my hoodie on the plane. Makes TONS of room! 

Finally, I packed some extras. Some options for clothes to wear around. This also included the basics. 

You need to have options!

That seems like a lot. I was pretty worried. GUESS WHAT!?! Everything fit!! 


I put my water bottle in the top pouch and my flip flops in the bottom pouch! 

I also have a bunch of little bags that I can put in my purse! I have one for my iPod and charger. 

Then a bigger one for my watch, race papers, Road ID, and tattoos! 

And just some other travel related stuff!!

I need all of this!

If you can find little bags like these, my are Vera Bradley, they are perfect for travel! I keep my SPARKLY SOUL headbands in one all the time! 

I will pack my daily things that morning, but I have more than enough room! Of course I will be triple checking the next few days, but I am really excited that I could make it all fit! I think I even have extra space to bring things back!

What is your favorite packing tip? What is the one thing you must have with you on every race trip? 


  1. I have become somewhat of a packing pro due to all my work travel, but race travel is still pretty new to me!

    I have a few of the travel space bags that are amazing! You don't need a vacuum to seal the travel ones - you just squash the bag and the air goes out the one-way vents on one end. I love these to compact clothes (that don't necessarily weigh a lot but take up a lot of space!) and then I also use them to put dirty clothes in!

    I also have a complete set of chargers that stays in my travel bag so I never get caught somewhere without a way to charge my phone! I will also fill shoes with socks to save space.

  2. Great post! I also took just a carry-on with me to Disneyland last week. The best tip I found was one that you shared as well - I wore my running shoes, my hoodie, and my jeans on the plane. Not only are the shoes the most important piece of luggage, but those items are the biggest, and it's always cold on the plane! Win-win!

    Also, for those who like to pack a lot of tech, I decided to forgo my laptop. I felt like I would miss it, but I packed my iPad instead, and could do pretty much everything I wanted for the week on it or my phone! Even with a small laptop, it's amazing how much space and weight can be saved by skipping the computer and charger. (Plus, the laptop has to come out at the security screening and the tablet does not!)