Friday, January 23, 2015

RnR NOLA Goals

Good morning from Louisiana!!! It's been a little rainy and cool here, but the weather should be amazing for the race this weekend! 

I have been in my own little world this week, between travel and work and excitement! I decided instead of a Five Things Friday, I would share my goals for Rock n Roll NOLA this weekend!! 

1. FINISH! That's right folks, I say it all the time. My goal for this race is to finish. I could be walking, crawling, getting held up by LB, but I will cross that finish line. 

2. Sub five hours? I put a question mark by it for a reason. I am running this race with Lauren ( and we decided we would hang out with the five hour pace team for awhile. We also decided if at a later distance in the race I felt good and wanted to go, I could. She is seriously the best! I don't know if I could do this without her! 

3. HAVE FUN! That's so simple but this will be my first race that I am not "racing" just running. I will have my phone with me for selfies, will take ALL THE FOOD AND BEVERAGES along the way, and get to spend a few hours with one of my BRF! 

That's it! It is so simple, just do it! No fancy bells and whistles, no breaking of any records. Just having a great time with great people! If any of you are running the race, LOOK FOR ME! I love meeting blog readers and there will be selfies all around! 

Have you ever ran a race for fun? Was it all you expected? 

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