Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Week That Was 12.29 - 1.4

Well hello there peeps! I hope you all are embracing 2015 and starting your new year off right!

I know I am ready to get back to some original blog posts, now that the December Run Challenge is complete! Again, I cannot that everyone who participated enough! I hope everyone enjoyed it! 

So this week was a higher mileage week for me. A pretty perfect way to start the new year. I had five workouts, mostly on treadmill, for a total of 28 miles. For January and 2015, I have 20 miles. 

I finished 2014 with 1,145 miles. I am so proud of that number! Even though I am a LONG way from where I was, I'm getting there.

I started breaking in my shoes for Rock n Roll NOLA. The fact that this race is in three weeks is VERY scary to me. I know I'm not racing it, but the distance itself is scary. 

Next week is my peak week. If I didn't get hurt, this week would have been my final 20-miler and I would be starting my taper. Now, I'm planning on a 16-18 mile long run next week, to mentally be ready for the whole 26.2. 

How was your first week of 2015?

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