Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Travels With Steff: Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge

Thursday morning at 4:15am I woke up to start my travels to Louisiana. I was flying from Pittsburgh to Charlotte for a short layover and then continuing to Baton Rouge. I do not travel a lot by myself, but I know the basics. Get to the airport, go to terminal, get on plane and then arrive at destination.

Easy enough, right?

Okay, so I make it to the airport in Pittsburgh with no problems. Through security with ease, grabbed some hash browns and waited to board my flight. The trip to Charlotte only takes an hour so I was ready for a little nap.

I get on the plane and to my very nice second row behind the first class seat. A really nice guy helped me put my bag in the over head and I started to drift off for my nap. Almost instantly the woman in front of me is pushing the button for assistance. She leaps out of her seat screaming for someone to help. Her father, sitting with them, is sweating and not responding. Great, here goes my nap.

The flight attendant calls for a doctor on board and to my surprise a very nice looking man shows up. Okay, I can get along with this. The man is not answering the good looking doctor but just wants to drink juice. After they test everything and realize he is fine, he starts talking. Turns out, he took his pills too close together. 

Lesson learned people, you can carry on your pills and take them at the correct time.

At this point, I need to use the bathroom. Since the front bathroom is five rows ahead of me, I asked the nice man next to me if it was open. I walk up, use the bathroom and as I am leaving the flight attendant yells at me! “Don’t you see there is a lot going on up here? Why would you feel the need to use this bathroom?” My response was “Because I’m sitting right behind him and I was sick of waiting to pee.” Then I proceeded to walk back to my seat.

The flight attendant made an announcement that the medics will be on the plane first to help out said man, then we could get off. We would be getting off at the B terminal. I have less than a half hour layover, my flight leaves out of terminal E and if it takes this man more than 10 minutes to get off this plane I am going to miss it. The man next to me helped me locate my next terminal on a map and told me “I hope you’re ready to run.” Yep, here goes nothing.

Pill guy finally gets off the plane and I have under 20 minutes to hoof it through this airport I have never been in before. I asked all the people around me if I could get off first for a fast connection and they all had no problem with it. Bag down, off the plane and an epic sprint through the airport was on. It took me 15 minutes, but I made it. Boarding started less than five minutes later.

Finally made it!

My flight to Baton Rouge had 20 people on it. It was awesome. I had a row to myself and fell asleep. Two hours never went by so quickly. My friend Josh was waiting for me at the airport and he took me back to his tv station so he could do the noon news.

I got a tour around the station and got to sit in the news room while the broadcast was going on. It was pretty cool!

So pretty! 
I loved getting to watch Josh!

After the news was over, we went to a restaurant right off LSU’s campus and watched the rain come in. It POURED all day! We went back to his apartment, watched WWE network and then met his fiancĂ©e, Jaimee, at a social media event at a fun bar in Baton Rouge.

Such a fun place!

After the nice event, I was so ready to crash. It had been such a long day that I was ready to pass out. Plus, the rain made sleeping very easy! There was still so much left to do, can not do it all in one day!

What travel nightmares have you encountered?


  1. I still can't believe that you had to sprint through the airport; only you, Steff! :) How cool that you hung out with your friend at the TV station! That's awesome! I'm so glad you finally made it safely and with no medical assistance - ha!

  2. Steffany Smith RubelJanuary 28, 2015 at 7:01 PM

    YES! This would only happen to me while traveling alone!

  3. This week I've been dealing with bed bugs from a hotel stay earlier this week. I'd say that tops the list of awful things that have happened to me while traveling :(