Friday, February 13, 2015

Five Things Friday 2.13

Happy Friday the 13th!! I have a three day weekend this week and I am pumped!! I have been getting back in the groove of training and life again. It is like a beautiful symphony working together! I am so happy!

If you guys do not follow me on Facebook Twitter or Instagram, head on over and do it now!! I am so close to some major social media milestones! Plus, I love interacting with you guys!

So, for this weeks Five Things Friday, I have some fun lists I have chuckled about through the week! I hope they put a smile on your face to end out the week!!

1. I may have already shared this one, but I cracked up reading this again this week. 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has Had Out on a Run! Seriously cracked up laughing reading number 37!

2. I have said many times I am a super picky eater, my one friend sent me 15 Signs You're a Picky Eater For Life! 

3. Here are 26.2 Signs That You Just Ran a Marathon. Number 25 is so true!!

4. How about The 13 Weirdest Things Runners Do! Number eight, I have to say, is so me!

5. Here is one of my favorites. These are 9 Ridiculous Things People Say to Runners. Let this be a guideline for non-runners everywhere!  I would add, "how long was this half marathon."

Hopefully I could distract you a little on this Friday! I am staying bundled up all day since the cold weather is coming back and I am racing tomorrow!! Happy weekend everyone! Stay warm!!

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  1. Thanks for the links--I love articles like these! The 75 Thoughts had me laughing out loud. I loved when he thought he should get a salad in addition to the pizza, ha ha. And the 9 Ridiculous Things--so true. I rarely talk about running when I'm with my non-runners (I can tell they hate it), but when I do someone always has to tell me how much they hate running. My response is pretty good though: "I used to hate it too, so you can imagine how life-changing it is to love it now!" They don't usually respond to that. ;-)