Friday, February 6, 2015

Five Things Friday 2.6

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you all have found a little sunlight this week and hopefully start to thaw out! I know this week has been a little crazy here in Pittsburgh. It was in the 40's on Wednesday and then the single digits less than 24 hours later!!!

Anyway, it has been a little bit since I did a Five Things Friday. I'm sorry!! Traveling and racing have really cramped my blogging style!

So here it is, some fun stuff on this weeks Five Things Friday!!

1. If you look on the right side of my page, you might notice a new badge. I was named a PRO Compression Ambassador!! A few days later, PC released the February sock of the month!! Use the promo code HEART for 40% off not only the sock of the month, but pink socks and sleeves as well!

2. Even though I was not really thrilled with RnR NOLA, and I running DC in about five weeks. This week they announced that Better Than Ezra will be the headliner! I have shared my 90's music obsession with you all in the past, so this should be no surprise that I was freaking out! Plus, I'm running the half so I should get to see everything!!

3. Oiselle released some of their spring line this week. I'm loving the fun patterns and colors! Right now, I am only looking at Roga's, but a girl can window shop, right?

4. My girl Leah is hosting a Sparkly Soul giveaway!! She has all the information up on her blog! Tell her I sent you, it might boost your chances. Well, maybe not but it's worth a shot!!

5. Hubby knows my love of Red Velvet, and he hit the jackpot the other day!! Red Velvet Oreos AND Pop Tarts!! He even got my favorite ice cream, Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow!! We have been working opposite shifts all week, so this was a really awesome surprise to come home to!

Have a great weekend everyone!! Hopefully you all can get outside and enjoy it!!

What band from the 90's would you love to see in concert?

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  1. I think Oiselle takes my dream colors and patterns and makes them happen. I NEED THOSE PANTS.