Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pinterest Treadmill Workouts

If you are like me, you might have a little bit of a Pinterest problem. When I am bored I can easily waste an hour or two pinning everything and anything! Most of the pins just sit there, especially my pins that include different workouts.

With the bitter cold temps and the winter weather rolling in, I decided to take five of the most pinned treadmill workouts I could find and test them out! I wanted to find different workouts in distance and duration. 

Workout 1: 

I thought a 20 minute workout would be the best way to kick off the week. It was THE BEST way to start this journey! I loved this workout! I knew I would get a good sweat with it being a HIIT workout, so I kept the fan off. Yes sweat, yes awesome workout. You need to include this workout in your routine! 

Workout 2:


This workout was pretty good. I had to write it out because there were way too many numbers to try an remember. The five miles ended a little before the 50 minutes, but I may have messed up a transition. I liked that this workout forced me to keep up my speed. It really helped me open my stride on the treadmill. 

Workout 3:

This workout didn't give a distance, just a time. I was a little curious to see where I would end up. Even though it wasn't as intense as the other two workouts, speed wise, it was a really solid workout. If I do this workout again, I would maybe change up some speeds and add some inclines. It's pretty basic. 

Workout 4:


Okay, this one clearly says it is a five mile workout. It is not. Adjusting the recovery speed down to 3.0 after a 9.0 sprint was really hard. It felt really awkward to have to shoot right back up to an 8.0. I didn't mind the speed itself, it just didn't feel good. I would not do this workout again. If you try it and get to five miles, please let me know. 

Workout 5:

This was another no distance provided workout. There was a lot of up and down, and my hips really felt it after. I did actually like the workout, but I think I would change two things about it. The first, change the 4.0 speeds to maybe a 6.0. Dropping that low for that little of time was not fun. I kinda just wanted to stay at the higher speed. The second thing I would do is make it an even three miles. I think it would happen if I moved those speeds to 6.0. Yes, I will try it again, why not! 

Did these workouts do what I wanted them to do, yes. They helped me stay focused on the task at hand, running the miles. I am glad I could finally try them out and figure out how to do a different type of treadmill workout. These workouts also helped me learn that a 6.5 speed (9:14 mile) is really comfortable for me. It helped out greatly for my long run I did on the treadmill last week. This can only help me in the future.

What is your favorite Pinterest workout? What is your favorite distance to do on the treadmill?


  1. Great post. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm spending many days on the treadmill due to weather and its easy to get bored.

  2. These are great, Steff; kudos for taking on this little project and sharing it with us. What a great way to fend off some of the treadmill monotony and boredom! I am usually not a fan of the 'mill, but I've had to spend some time on it lately, due to this crappy weather/ice. I really only want to be on there for about 3-4 miles, but I did some speed work last week (mile repeats) and managed to make it for over 5 miles - ha! That's quite an accomplishment, for me! Way to get it done, girl.

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