Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Things Friday 2.13

Hi everyone and happy Friday!! The girls and I are leaving for DC this morning and I am so excited for this weekend! I also feel awful that there have been a few weeks without a Five Things Friday!

Never fear, I got a fun topic this week. Recently I have been upgrading my running stuff. Everything has been dying/ripping on me all at the same time. I scoured the internet for deals and did a great job! 

Here are five running accessories that I am really loving right now! 

1. Soleus GPS Mini: My Garmin has been really awful since NOLA. The battery dies really quick and I have such a horrible time getting it to upload. (Authors note: I log my own miles and really don't need to upload the data). I found the Soleus GPS Mini on Amazon for $55!! I have only used it once, but it was super easy to use. I'll be sure to review it fully for you guys as I use it more! 

2. PRO Compression Low Trainers: You guys know my love affair with PC sleeves, but there is actually a reason I don't wear the marathon socks. I have really skinny legs and need the extra smalls for them. Too bad I have big feet for my size (8) and the sock portion on the marathon sock is wayyyy too small. When I had the opportunity to get a pair of low trainers for being a PC ambassador, I jumped on it! They are awesome! Padded on the heel and snug. I'm a fan! 

3. Oiselle Mac Rogas: I have said for awhile that I love Oiselle's flagship shorts "Rogas" but when I put on my first pair of Mac Rogas, I knew I found my perfect pair! It feels like you are wearing nothing. I ran NOLA in my Mac Rogas and had zero problems! One of my flockmates was selling a pair in a color I really wanted, plus I ordered another pair in the Oiselle Factory Sale. 

Mac Rogas on top of regular Rogas.

4. Strawberry Lemonade Nuun: I have a wide variety of Nuun at my house at all times. I have at least one Nuun drink a day. For some reason, I have been neglecting my Strawberry Lemonade flavor and I have no idea why! Last Sunday I used it during my long run and the love came right back! It's such a light and refreshing flavor. 

5. Sparkly Soul Apple Green Headband: I won a three pack of Sparkly Soul headbands from Leah and her Mardi Gras themed giveaway! I figured I already had the three colors (green purple and gold) that I won, but the green was different! Green is my favorite color so you know I was really excited! The struggle is it now give me more options for this weekend. 

On the right is the Green Apple!

This weekend should be a soggy one for Rock n Roll DC. If you are going to be there, make sure you say hello! I'm hoping for a great race and a sub-2 half to kick off my "racing" in 2015. I'll catch you all up when I get home! 

What are you loving right now? 


  1. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.March 13, 2015 at 9:39 AM

    I love strawberry lemonade!!

  2. Will be interested to hear what you think of the Soleus GPS (what a steal from Amazon). I bought their basic version ( a la Timex) and I like that the face is large without being too bulky. Although I found that the buttons are pretty sensitive to touch.