Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'll Admit It, I Was Wrong

A few weeks ago I was telling you all how I was trying this Training Without a Training Plan thing. I thought it would be a learning and growing experiment for myself. You know, try to see how self motivating I can be. My goal half marathon isn't until September so I thought this was the best time to experiment.

Well folks, I was wrong.

I spent the entire month of February flying by the seat of my pants. I knew I needed to log a long run every week, but that was pretty much it. Even though I logged 90 miles last month, I really don’t feel like I did anything. I accomplished my double digit runs every week, but my during the week runs just felt blah. I didn't have the focus and discipline I thought I would.

I tried, and I am admitting that I need a training plan.

I have nine weeks until Disney Land and the Tinker Bell half marathon. I found my trusty Runners World Big Book of Marathon andHalf-Marathon Training and started to work this out. I used it as a guide, since I am: 1. Not going to get to run a full training cycle. 2. Training to PR a 5K the week before the half. 3. Racing five races before the half.

I figured out my nine week training while adding in the speed workout I need for my 5K PR goal at the Pittsburgh Marathon 5K. That is all I really adjusted. Every Tuesday I will be doing some sort of track workout, unless there is a track meet going on, and then it will be moved. I have tempo runs also built into my training. I hope it will add something to my track workouts. My peak distance mileage will be 13 miles two weeks before the race.

I feel a little defeated that I couldn't do this on my own. I feel like I have done this enough times by now that I should be more motivated. I know the goals I am chasing this year (sub 23 minute 5K and a sub 1:50  half) and I know that I should have focused early on these goals. I feel like I wasted a month of training. I really didn't have anything to write home about except my sub 2 treadmill half marathon. My half this weekend in DC will be a true test to see how I did on my own.

The moral of the story is, there are people that make a lot more money than I do to write training plans and coach. I should trust those people and what has worked for me in the past. I tried, I failed and I’m moving along. Here’s hoping I didn't mess things up too badly and can start moving along in the right direction!

Where do you find your training plans? Which one has worked best for you?


  1. I learned to hard way not using a plan. I always thought that I could rely on my raw talent to get me through anything.. I Was Wrong! This time around I took the advice of some other runners and I am using the Hal Higdon method. I do alter it here and there but this is the first time in a while I actually feel like I can see improvements and I am not just running junk miles

  2. Oh girl I have to have a plan. Otherwise my inner lazy girl takes over. I like Hal higdon And using macmillans pace calculator for training paces!

  3. Not using a plan at all can be really challenging, and a lot frustrating!
    I've been using that same book to help me devise my last 3 training plans!!