Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pittsburgh Running Blogger Spotlight: Gretchen

When I took over the Pittsburgh Running Bloggers a few months ago, I knew I wanted to do something to expose everyone to these awesome bloggers I share a city with! I finally figured out the best idea, I am going to do a spotlight of the bloggers for the next few weeks!! I love reading all of their blogs, now I can’t wait to share them with you all!

This weeks Pittsburgh Running Blogger spotlight is on Gretchen from GretchRuns.

Hi! I'm Gretchen, a runner from Pittsburgh. I've lived in Pittsburgh my whole life, and went to Penn State University to study Information Sciences and Technology with a minor in Spanish. Ever since I've graduated, I've caught the travel bug and have visited eight different countries in two years. I love watching and playing sports (especially cheering on the Pirates and Steelers!) In my blog, I write about training for my next race, going on my next adventure, and even planning my wedding.

What is your favorite local race and why?
G: Pittsburgh 10 miler. I love the distance, the course, and the weather is perfect!

What is your favorite thing about running?
G: Becoming a better person of myself. I truly believe running makes me the happiest, healthiest version of myself! I've also been able to spread my love to different friends and my fiancé, who is a self-proclaimed running hater.

What is your favorite piece of running gear?
G: My Garmin Forerunner 10, or my yaktrax in the winter.

What is your favorite running moment?
G: I recently finished the Marathon on the Mountain at Seven Springs. It was by far the toughest challenge I've ever faced. About 2 miles in, I didn't think I would even finish (I'll spare you the details of what happened) but I ended up finishing very strong and have never been prouder of myself, and I can't wait to run again this year!

You can find Gretchen on social media! She is on twitter and Instagram. Make sure you stop by her blog and check it out!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!! This is such a great idea and I can't wait to see who you introduce us to next :)

    xx Gretchen @

  2. So glad you thought of this! There are so many good blogs out there and this is a great way to showcase them. I recently just started following gretchens blog and I am happy I came across it, it's very good and she has interesting topics everyday.

  3. Thanks so much Shaun! I'm so glad I found your blog too :) I'm glad to have you as a reader!

  4. These highlights are a great idea! Gretchen, you need to do a recap of the Marathon on the Mountain! I want the details!

  5. You're so sweet Nichole! I'm glad I found you too:)

  6. I will try!! Unfortunately it conflicts with another race I'm doing, but maybe we can get some coffee(or a beer!) And I can tell you about it:)