Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Training: Week One

Hello everyone!! This was my first week back on the training plan and I was ready to hit the ground running (no pun intended). The weather was starting to get nicer, and there were miles to run!

This week, I had five workouts that totaled 30 miles. They were a combination of treadmill and rolling hills. For March I have 75 miles and 275 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. 

Monday was a super beautiful day, but my legs just were not recovered from DC enough to make it happen. On my six mile run I discovered a wicked knot in my calf that finally worked itself out a few days later. People, if you aren't best friends with your foam roller yet, you need to be!

Saturday I was lucky enough to pace Jeff to his first 50k! It was an amazing experience which included having the best base camp, lots of cowbell and so much motivation! 


Today is also my baby brothers 26th birthday! Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope you had an awesome day! 

Five years ago, we look so different!

Another big moment for the week was registration for Wine and Dine weekend!! If you have ever signed up for a Disney race, you know the fear of not getting in. It is the most nerve racking thing next to a lottery. I made sure I took a long lunch, came home and logged on to the site about 15 minutes before registration opened.

As soon as noon hit, I clicked the registration button and waited in a four minute virtual line! Who waits in line to sign up for a race!?! Luckily, I got in!! I am so excited to earn my Coast to Coast medal this year!! Plus, Joe got in too!! He is taking on his second half marathon, and might actually train for this one! We won't be running together this time, he is very clear of this! It will be my 12th half marathon!

Also, huge congrats goes out to one of my BRF Sarah. Sarah was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her foot in September and this weekend completed the dolphin challenge at the Shamrock Marathon! I am so proud of her and her recovery. She took it easy and had realistic goals in mind. She is a true inspiration to me! Congrats again Sarah!!!

Princess Sarah while in Akron

Did you race this weekend? Where was it and how did it go!

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