Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Burgh's 10K Recap

I was super excited to get to race a 10K early in the year. The 10K is my favorite race distance and I look forward to at least one great race a year. I know I am not back to where I was before the stress fracture, but I really wanted to see where I was at before Pittsburgh. 

Gloria and I signed up for the race and wanted to get there early. There was a ton of construction all around town plus we had no idea where exactly the race was. 

Once we got to the park, we both had a slight problem, they didn't have our registration. Luckily I keep all of my registration emails so we got that straightened up. There were so many people, I was very surprised. 

There was a 5K along with the 10K, and some people chose to run both. Gloria and I went to the start line to relax a little before the 10K started. It seemed like most people were running the 5K. 

Once most of the 5K finishers had crossed the line, we were allowed to line up. I started close enough to the front to feel comfortable. 

The course was an out and back all on a trail. I felt incredible the first mile. My stride was on, breathing was good and I even hit my goal pace of 7:40 on the dot! I was focused on this group of three people in front of me. 

Then it happened. 

Just about at the 1.25 mile marker it felt like I was running in quick sand. My legs were not moving. What on earth is going on? This is just not correct! Suddenly all of the people I had passed in the first mile were leaving me in the dust! 

I made the decision at that point to turn this into a HMP tempo run. My mind kept telling my legs to go, but they wouldn't. I was so frustrated and really just wanted to drop out. 

We ran through a tunnel just about at mile three. There was a volunteer at the turnaround yelling out 5K times. All I could here was 26:xx and I just threw my hands up in the air. I really wanted to go sub 52 and it just wasn't going to happen. I saw Gloria on the other side of the trail, I gave her the thumbs down.

Luckily, my HMP was pretty awesome. I was nailing 8:40 pace pretty constantly, but that is not why I am doing this. At this point I am getting passed by people who I should be beating. My head gave one last attempt to push my legs, but the frustration hit hard to a 9 minute mile in mile six. 

When I crossed the finish line I just went to a spot on the grass and sat there. I saw my 54:05 and just shook my head. 

This was my worse 10K time ever. I ran the 10K during Runners World faster while I was injured and did a 5K and hour before! I ended up with a top-10 age group finish, but if I hit my goal time I would have won my age group. 

The only positive for me was that Gloria earned a new 10K PR! She has been busting her butt and I am so proud of her! 

There was a huge post race picnic, but there were so many people and I was in such a terrible mood, we left. 

Yes, I threw myself a pity party. I have been working REALLY hard! This should not have happened. I set a goal for myself that should have been achievable. Even compared to workouts I have been doing! I can't tell you why my legs stopped moving, I wish I knew the answer. We are less than two weeks from the Pittsburgh Marathon 5K and this was supposed to be my tune up. 

Was it a fun race, sure. If you have a big group I can see how it could be a good time. There was very little parking for the amount of people and if you want post race food you might want to send someone to grab stuff before you finish. 

How have you snapped yourself out of a bad race? 


  1. So sorry to hear about your race. Last year I ran a half 6 weeks before the Columbus Marathon as a fitness test and completely crashed posting a time of 2:03:20, 13 minutes slower than my PR and way slower than where I was supposed to be in training. I just remember thinking, well self, you really sucked today but that doesn't mean you have a great tomorrow. Running is funny that way. Your body is saving the best performance somewhere in there for you. You'll do great at your upcoming races!

  2. Thanks Kim. I think it was super hard because this was my first attempt to race in so long, just hurt my spirit a little bit.

  3. One of my wise Ironman finishing friends once told me that you just have to go with what the day brings you. Sometimes our legs just don't feel it. You finished, and you finished respectably. There will be another race, right?

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