Friday, April 3, 2015

Five Things Friday 4.3

Happy April everyone! I really hope April showers bring May flowers because it has been pretty ugly here! Plus, we are a month from Pittsburgh Marathon weekend! I am so excited to see my friends again!!

It has been a crazy week here for me, but luckily I could find five things to share with you all! 

1. Have you seen this months PRO Compression sock of the month? If you want the Boston ones, you need to act fast! Remember, use promo code BOLD for 40% off! 

2. I already figured out my Tinkerbell 10k outfit! I have ran in it and everything works great! I have been debating for awhile if I wanted to dress up for the half. I finally made a decision and will be dressing up for the half! My costume has nothing to do with Tinkerbell or fairies, but I can't wait to show you guys! 

3. As of Wednesday, I have paid off 10 of my 12 student loans!! We moved around some funds and could make it happen. It's such an amazing feeling! 

4. Did you see the April Fools Day prank Nuun pulled? I could not stop giggling! I would be a little curious to how beer flavored Nuun would taste! 

5. Cal U had the National Championship celebration this week. Even though I couldn't be there, I got the best photo from a friend who was! 

What was the best April Fools Day joke you saw? 


  1. I'm really curious about the YOLO flavor. Hahaha

  2. Aww man I love when Nuun announces new flavors..I think I would skip out on most of those though :)

  3. I thought when Tieks did the thing with the real live bunny, that was awful! But I would have loved to try beer or chocolate milk flavored Nuun!

  4. I didn't see any April Fools jokes this year, but some stuff happened at work that made think it was a joke (it wasn't). Sadly!

  5. My dad feel for one from the Colts about new uniforms. I had to show him it was an April Fools.