Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pittsburgh Running Blogger Spotlight: Tony

This weeks Pittsburgh Running Blogger Spotlight it on Tony from Runderful Life.

I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy since age 15 and after a week long stay at UPMC in 2012 and some subsequent medicine and treatment changes I am happy to say i have been seizure free for over 3 years! With my new found health improvements I quit smoking and started running a few months later in October of 2012 and haven't looked back! I ran my first marathon in Philly 2013 for the Epilepsy Foundation Team, Athletes vs Epilepsy.

I am currently fundraising for the Epilepsy Foundation again! This time, instead of one marathon I'm going for 3! Well...2 marathons and a 50k. I plan to run them all within 8 weeks time. It starts at Pittsburgh May 3rd, followed by God's Country June 6th (rated one of the top 10 toughest marathons by Runners World) and finishing back in Pittsburgh June 27th for the Hell Hath No Hurry 50k trail race!

What is your favorite local race and why?
T: The Pittsburgh Marathon. It's great to see the neighborhoods all decked out and the people are fantastic!

What is your favorite thing about running? T: It gives me freedom and it makes me a better person. Not in an egotistical way. It gives me more energy and makes me feel good. As a result I can give more to my work, my fiance, and life in general.

What is your favorite piece of running gear?
T: My Salomon Hydration vest. Most of my long training runs are self supported and I love having everything I need with me.

What is your favorite running moment?
T: Finishing my first marathon.

Tony's journey is a pretty awesome one! He is one to add to your blog reading list as well as your twitter list. If you would like to donate to his fundraising efforts, please click here!


  1. Wow, what an amazing and inspiration story! I follow Tony on Daily mile and he's incredible. I'm glad you featured him!

  2. Thanks Gretchen! Your kind words really brought a smile to my face!

  3. I recently discovered Tony's blog since he's a blogger for the Pittsburgh Marathon and am glad I'm getting to know him there and on Daily Mile. What a great story--so many great achievements in just the past few years! Going for 2 marathons & 50K within 8 weeks is insane--I love it!

  4. Thanks Jen! Ii have really enjoyed following your training and blog.