Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pittsburgh Running Blogger Spotlight: Chelsea

This weeks Pittsburgh Running Blogger Spotlight is on Chelsea from Pittsburgh City Girl!

I’m Chelsea and I’m lucky enough to live in the great city of Pittsburgh. I started running back in 2011, when I began my weight loss journey and have never looked back. I not only fell in love in love with my new found passion of running, but I also lost 50 lbs in the process! I am currently training for my first marathon (Pittsburgh, 5/3/15), but when I first started, I couldn't even run a mile, but hard work and dedication has paid off as I have run in over 40+ races since I started. I am now on a quest to finish a half marathon in all 50 states + DC. As of January 2015, 6 states down and only 44 + DC to go. My big goal for 2015 is to celebrate turning 30 by running in 30 different races! These races will be of all distances, from one mile to 26.2 miles, but the idea is to celebrate life each and every mile.

What is your favorite local race and why?
C: I would say the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. This was my first half marathon, so it holds a special place in my heart. It's a fun race and I love to see the whole city out there supporting all of the runners.

What is your favorite thing about running?
C: I love that you can basically run anywhere. Since I travel a lot for work, I've found some great locations to run.

What is your favorite piece of running gear?
C: Probably my GPS watch. I feel pretty naked whenever I forget it.

What is your favorite running moment?
C: For me, I think it's crossing the finish line of any race. Whether it's a half marathon, 10 miler or 5k. It's nice to have gone out to accomplish something and by crossing the finish line, you've completed that task.

Like Chelsea said, she is running her first marathon this weekend!! Make sure you wish her luck on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you don't follow her blog, make sure you start. Her travels are awesome and she has done some pretty cool races. She is also one of my best running friends! If you ever need someone to give you a swift kick in the butt, Chelsea is your girl!

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  1. I'm with Chelsea--the best part of running is crossing the finish line! All that hard work comes down to that. There's no better feeling!