Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Training: Week Five

Oh hello there! I hope everyone is getting ready for Marathon Monday! I'm super excited and hope my web stream works! If not, you all better give me updates on twitter! Best of luck to all the runners! You have all worked so hard, this is your victory lap!

This week was a cutback week with speed. I have been waiting for this week to see how I have progressed. I ran 20.7 miles this week. For April I have 73.9 miles and 374 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. 

Sunday I ran the Burgh's 10K, which was my first race for speed since last September. I will recap it later in the week for you guys. I was not very happy with this race and there is a whole lot to build on. 

Don't forget about the Pittsburgh Marathon Meet Up/Tweet Up is coming up soon! Later in the week I will have some more information about the meet up for you all!

Sorry it is a quick weekly recap. The race has me all sorts of not correct, plus I got some sunburn on top of it! April is really testing me!

Where will you be watching the Boston Marathon from? 


  1. Like you I will be streaming it at work, and like you if it doesn't work someone needs to update me. I am really looking forward to the meet up and getting to cheer all the 5K runners on

  2. I'm looking forward to the meet up as well! I got sunburned this weekend too. It shocked me! I know you aren't too thrilled about your race, but you got out there and did it and now you have a learning experience to build on. :)

  3. Your watch/feet shots are so cool!! I hope you had a good race!