Tuesday, April 7, 2015

View From The Other Side

When I was training for the Columbus Marathon last summer, I was lucky enough to have a few of my friends join me on my long runs. Chelsea and Jeff helped me stay focused on the task at hand and get those miles done! Then, as I was training for NOLA I had the same type of support, and even having Lauren join in on the fun!. It was so amazing to feel that kind of energy from people who were not training for the same races.

I knew there had to be a way I could help these people out. There had to be something I could do! Luckily, Lauren ended up running NOLA with me and I truly believe we both needed each other to be able to cross that finish line. That was an experience I would do over again in a heartbeat!

This girl has my heart.

When Chelsea decided to run her first marathon and Jeff decided to run his ultra, I knew this was my chance! Helping Jeff along his 50K journey was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had, but what I did with Chelsea last weekend was something I will NEVER forget!


Chelsea was out running along the Pittsburgh Marathon course for her first 20 miler. I got out of work early and told her I would meet her along Liberty Avenue. I ended up running about 4.5 miles up the road before I found her. I wanted to keep her moving and focused on what we were doing. She kept thanking me. Those four miles that we ran together were awesome.

This is so correct!

When I trained for my first marathon, I did it all alone. I had no running friends and had no idea what I was doing. I had read so much about what to expect during a marathon, but there is something about talking to a real person who has been there an done that! To now say that I am one of those people who can help people with marathons is just so crazy!

To be honest, I thought I would be a little stir crazy not training for a marathon. Right now, I'm feeling pretty good! Focusing on helping others on their journey has really inspired me more than I ever thought. I am getting healthy, stronger and confident and I think that is really starting to show. I am so happy I can finally see things from the other side. It has truly made me not only a better runner, but a better person!

What was the one thing you remember from your first round of marathon training? 


  1. all the long weekend runs and big weekend brunches ;)

  2. I remember the first time I ran 20 miles- I cried and cried- I couldn't believe I'd done it! Can't wait to see all of you in just a few weeks!!! :-)

  3. I've only done two full marathons so far, and my training sucked for both lol! I didn't stick to a plan at all and I topped out at 16 miles. No wonder I had horrible races!

  4. First thing I remember is not having a clue what I was doing, I trained poorly and relied on raw talent. Having a person who has done it and being out there with you makes such a difference. I think it's awesome you are giving back and helping others out on their journey.