Thursday, May 21, 2015

Five Things Friday 5.22

TGIF everyone! I hope you all are going to enjoy a long weekend! I happen to be in the middle of a 14-day working streak. Gotta pay for those race registrations some how, right? 

Anyway, I haven't been running a ton yet. My calf is finally starting to loosen, and I have been fighting with the allergies for a few days. Since I have been feeling a little bit of the vacation blues, I decided to share five pictures from our vacation! 

1. Joe and I at Universal Studios meeting Homer Simpson! Shortly there after we had a Duff Beer. It was awesome! 

2. Getting to meet Goofy! The lady let us be the last ones in line, and Goofy is my favorite. 

3. Selfie with a storm trooper. Enough said. 

4. We got fast passes for Anna and Elsa while at California Adventure. I showed them the picture of me and Brooke dressed as them for the 10K. It was really cute. 

5. Me and Joe had enough of the children. We had booze in the park and do not regret it! 

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone! 


  1. I get the post vacation blues so much. Thank goodness for pictures! Looks like you had a ton of fun :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I love Goofy! And booze in the park sounds like a great idea to me...minus children. ;) Hope you have an AWESOME weekend, Steff? Are you having to work?

  3. My youngest had an obsession with Goofy when he was little. The really fun thing is that when we went back to WDW a few years, ago, he (now a preteen) wanted to find Goofy again...

  4. Haha booze in the park sounds amazing! Well booze any where sounds amazing...said the mother.