Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pittsburgh Running Blogger Spotlight: Jennifer

This weeks edition of the Pittsburgh Running Blogger spotlight is on Jennifer from Running on Lentils!

I was one of those people who couldn’t run and hated running. But after I lost 35 pounds in 2011, a personal trainer suggested I try running as a way to maintain my weight loss. At a friend’s suggestion, I read Chi Running and started running using that approach, which felt easier than regular running. And I could actually do it! It was so empowering to do something in my late 30s that I’d never been able to do as a teenager! I continued running but only got serious about it in the fall of 2013, after my second half marathon when I decided I wanted to get faster instead of just finish. I’ve done three half marathons, but May’s Pittsburgh Half Marathon was my first road half marathon; the others were on trails. This year I’m focused on half marathons, but my ultimate goal is to run the full Pittsburgh Marathon in 2016. 

I live just a few minutes from the North Shore trail on the Northside, so you’ll usually find me running in the pre-dawn hours on the trail and around the city and at North Park on weekends. I’ve been married for 12 years and am the proud mom of three cats and a retired racing greyhound.

What is your favorite local race?
J: Buffalo Creek! (Steff note: I love this picture! It perfectly sums up Pittsburgh in the fall!)

What is your favorite thing about running? J: Being outside and exploring nature in every season! That’s why I do all my runs outside no matter the weather. I love being outside early in the morning before the city wakes up and experiencing the sights, sounds, and even smells that I’d never experience if I were indoors.

What is your favorite piece of running equipment? J: My Garmin. I had my original Garmin for 5 years, and while it still works, it was a dinosaur. I just bought a new Garmin, and it tracks even more data. I can’t run without it!

What is your favorite running moment? J: Coming to the finish line at the 2014 ZooZilla 5K and realizing that I was going to meet my sub-30 goal I’d been working all year for. I worked so hard to break 30 minutes, and I finally did it on a very hilly course!

Jennifer has had a great weight loss journey and her story is fantastic. She has some great recipes for everyone, and race reviews from around the area! Jennifer also does something I really like, she does reviews on running clothes! Its so nice to be able to see what others think of things before you buy something! Check her out on Daily Mile, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. I LOVE Jennifer's blog! She's actually the person who inspired me to start my blog, and I'm a loyal reader! She's so positive all the time and it's great to see how much she's improved. Thanks for featuring her!

  2. I <3 Jennifer. Wonderful blogger, and probably the most fashionable runner I know. :)

  3. Thanks so much, Steff! I really love this series. It's nice to "meet" other local runners, even if just online.

  4. Thanks Jenn! I love getting to know everyone a little better!

  5. Right! I am constantly getting clothing ideas from her blog!