Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Week That Was 5.25 - 5.27

Let's do a quick recap of the past few weeks. I told you guys during my Tink Half recap that I formed a knot in my calf after Pittsburgh. I knew I wouldn't be running the week I was on vacation while walking through the parks, so I had hoped to get the knot out during that time. Sadly, this was not the case. 

Not only did the knot continue, it started to bruise. I tried to run but everything hurt. Before this week I ran three times since Tink. Last Sunday, I felt the knot loosen and the bruising finally started to go away. 

CUE THIS WEEK!! I am back on track! I am feeling better and just in time! I have a half marathon next weekend and my training for Akron starts on June 8! 

This week I had four workouts for 24 miles. I finished May with 67.4 miles and 472 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. 

We sorta skipped Spring here in Pittsburgh, and the humidity has been in full swing already! Time to get ready for Summer training!! I would much rather train in this than snow. 

Next week I will be running the Decker's Creek Half Marathon in West Virginia! All you need to know about the race is in the elevation chart. 

Even though I am not feeling very confident in my speed right now, I'm looking forward to a fun race with a bunch of friends.

Then we start the 16 week journey to the Akron Half Marathon!! 

What is on tap for your summer training? 


  1. Ahhh the dreaded knot, I feel your pain!! Mine came, went, came back and now is finally starting to feel good. Hope it holds up for my 1 mile race on Tuesday

  2. Holy crap that race looks crazy!!! I don't think I could deal with that much downhill lol! Those few uphills are going to feel great. I hope that your calf is completely healed and you have a great race :)

  3. Oh man that down hill looks intense! As much as I'd rather run downhill, it still hurts sometimes! Have a great week!