Monday, May 18, 2015

Tinker Bell 10K Recap

I had a 3am alarm set for a 5:30am start for the Tinker Bell 10K. There was not a shuttle from my hotel to the start area, but it was only about a mile walk. I had one goal in mind for this race, HAVE FUN! Me and my friend Brooke have been planning for months to dress up like Elsa and Anna from Frozen for the 10K, and I was so excited to finally get to wear my costume!

PRO Compression sleeves, Sparkly Soul headband,
Oiselle top, Sparkle Athletics skirt, Mizuno Wave Rider 17.

We met up near gear check, since I am a wuss and was freezing in the morning. Brooke delivered me my custom ears that she made for me! They are beautiful and I was so excited! We made our way to the starting corrals just chatting the whole time. I moved back to corral C with her since we were not racing today.

It didn't take us long to get to the start, but long enough to get some good people watching in, and a plan of attack for the race. I told Brooke to set the pace and I would follow her lead. If we wanted to stop for pictures, lets do it! I am up for anything on this race.

The first mile and a half would be the same both days, and I was really excited to see two hills within this time. As I have said before, I am not a good flat runner. When we hit the one mile marker, we couldn't believe we had already gone a mile. We went onto Disney property and went through a tunnel. There was a downhill part of the tunnel to come out on an uphill, please remember this part for the half marathon recap. 

We turned out of the tunnel and came right in between both Disney Land and Disney's California Adventure. We had no idea which park we were going to first! Thank goodness we weren't leading the race! 

We entered Disney Land and ran onto Main Street. There was the first character stop, it was Chip and Dale. The line was nuts, no pun intended, so we decided to skip it. Again, remember this during my half marathon recap. As we ran down Main Street we saw the castle. Since I have never been to Disney Land before, I had no idea where we were. Brooke was the best tour guide ever! There were a ton of people in line to get castle photos, we ended up sneaking around and got some awesome shots! 

Our journey continued and there were more pictures to be had! A quick stop at Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Checking out the back side of the castle.

And even waiting in line for Alice and the Mad Hatter! This was a first for me, and I was super excited! 

We stopped at It's A Small World.

Then we made our way out of Disney Land. We went around the back side of the park to add the distance before making our way to Disney's California Adventure. When we got in the park, Brooke used a real bathroom as I texted Joe to tell him where we were at. He was finally awake and making his way to the finish line. When we started moving we noticed a huge snowflake right off the main street. Of course the Frozen sisters needed to take a picture!

Right next to it was a statue of Mickey Mouse and Walt. The lady waiting in line behind us said it looked like I was grabbing Walt's butt. I laughed real hard.

We turned on to Hollywood Land and our trotting continued.

My tour guide Brooke kept asking me if I wanted a picture at every stop and of course I said yes! It was so cool to see the Hollywood Tower!

We ran through Bugs Land, and it was adorable! The fire flies as lights were so cute! 

We ran past the Cars Land sign as we made our way to Paradise Pier. 

There were not as many characters out on this point of the course, but I saw some of my favorite Toy Story characters on a painting, so I stopped. ALL THE PICTURES PEOPLE!

When we entered Cars Land we saw Mater and Lightening McQueen! We had to stop! 

That was it for the parks. We had about a mile left to run on the outside of the park. There was a lady running in front of us in a boot. I made sure I encouraged her as much as I could. We were actually running at this point, but still having fun. We saw the finish line and all the characters waiting for us. There was Minnie, Goofy and Pluto. We crossed the finish line in the absolute slowest time I have ever recorded for 6.2 miles, 1:32. That was the plan! 

I have never had so much fun during a race. The laughing, chatting and mild trotting made it so much fun! Brooke was the best partner to do this with, and I am so lucky! The first half of the Pixie Dust Challenge was complete!

Here is a closer look at the ears Brooke made for me. She makes a ton of custom ears on her shop. They are so comfy and I didn't have to worry about them moving at all! 

Have you ever done a Disney 10K? Did you race it or trot it?


  1. I've done WDW half. The early start time was a killer for me!

  2. Good to see you got to enjoy yourself in a race and not have to worry about the time. Good luck with the half

  3. It was nice because it was West Coast time, and I was still on East Coast. Minor victory lol