Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Expo

The time had finally arrived! Almost a year of planning, and we were on our way to California! We had a butt crack of dawn flight that first stopped in Chicago. 

After the nightmare that was Chicago Midway, we were ready for our next flight to LAX! 

LAX is a very scary place, and I was so happy to only be there for a little bit. We picked up our rental car and made our way to Anaheim for the expo! 

The expo was at one of the Disney hotels in Downtown Disney. We ended up eating at the ESPN Zone and even got a discount since I was running! After lunch we were ready to expo! 

I was incredibly anxious at this point and really just wanted my bib in my hand. I was pretty much sprinting through this hotel trying to find my bib. 

One of the coolest things I got to do for this race was go to the very first bib pick up location. As you can see, my number was in the top 100 for the Pixie Dust Challenge! I was so humbled and excited! I also learned that they used this picture to identify you when you finish each race. Disney did a really good job with this, since I had such a problem with the bracelet during Goofy.

Now that I could breathe, it was time to head in to the actual expo! 

I got my shirts, short sleeves, and we were on our way. I didn't need anything from the expo, but I knew PRO Compression and Sparkly Soul were going to be there! It was so nice to finally meet the people behind some of my favorite products! 

Me and Suzanne from PRO Compression

Pamela and I from Sparkly Soul

I also stopped for my magnets and pin from the official merch stand. 

We heard Dani from the Biggest Loser speak for a little bit, but did not spend a lot of time at the expo. 

It was a nice size for an expo, but some stands were crazy! The KT Tape booth was a zoo, so was the New Balance booth where you could get the super cute special edition shoes. I ended up with three new Sparkly Soul headbands with my magnets. As long as I had my bib, I was fine! It was time to relax and get ready for the 10K in the morning! 

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