Saturday, June 20, 2015

Akron Half Marathon Training: Week Two

I told you things went incredibly smooth for my first week of training. I knew something would go terrible wrong. Cue this week! 

I am really enjoying being structured with my training plan, but when your car battery dies in your work parking lot and you miss a run, there's nothing you can really do. Plus, like I mentioned, Friday was my wedding anniversary and I wanted to spend a nice evening with my husband. Luckily I only skipped a three mile run and made the rest of the week work! 

This week I had four workouts that totaled 23 miles. For June I have 71.2 miles and 543 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. I also did a strong core and kettle bell workout this week as well. 

If you are running the Liberty Mile in July and think you can qualify for the Unstoppable heat (sub 6:00 mile) there are time trails coming up! Check out the dates and locations:

June 30: Upper St. Clair High School
July 7: North Allegheny Intermediate and Montour High School
July 14: CMU Geisling Stadium

Each day has check in at 6:30pm with the heats starting at 7. Good luck to everyone! 

A big congrats goes to my friend Lauren from LauRUN Says on her half marathon PR in Alaska this weekend! I enjoyed getting tons of snapchats from her and Chelsea through their journey! 

I'm having crazy computer problems right now so I apologize for having to blog from my phone! It's super difficult!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Hope you all have a great day!

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