Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Five Things Friday 6.19

Today is a special edition of Five Things Friday, because it is my five year wedding anniversary! It is so crazy to think that five years have passed already! We have become home and cat owners, I have become a marathoner and we have been on so many journeys together!

This week, I wanted to post five of my favorite pictures of us!

1. This picture was from our 2012 Disney Trip. My Christmas gift was to go on the special safari at Animal Kingdom. We got to have lunch in the middle of the safari. It was amazing,

2. The 2014 Disney World Half Marathon. Joe's first half! He even agreed to dress in costume!

3. This is from Joe's best friends wedding in 2011. This is pre running. This picture is my phone background and sometimes I don't even recognize myself!

4. One of my best friends' wedding back in 2012. Rocking those braces and set my 10K PR that morning. I love this picture. It's so perfect.

5. The final picture is from another wedding in 2014. I actually took this one, and will forever consider it a selfie win! Sometimes we take good pictures together, most of them are goofy.

So happy five years honey. Here is to many more adventures along the way!


  1. Leah Ballard FrazierJune 19, 2015 at 9:55 AM

    Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures!

  2. Love the pictures! It's so fun looking back and reliving the memories. So sweet! Happy anniversary :)

  3. Happy belated anniversary.

  4. Everything looks superb. We are all set for the weekend birthday party of our daughter. She is turning16 this weekend and we have almost done all the arrangements for her surprise birthday bash that we are going to host at one of the home studios NYC.