Sunday, July 12, 2015

Akron Half Marathon Training: Week Five

I try to focus on something different each week. A theme for the week, if you will. This week was different. I just wanted to make it through. It was a tough mental week for me, plus I had some allergy issues now that it finally stopped raining here.

I slept in compression socks, drank more water than ever before and still felt terrible. I did it though, and I guess that is an accomplishment in itself. They can't all be perfect, but as long as you get out and do something, you are winning.

This week I had five workouts that totaled 29 miles. For July I have 52.1 miles and 628 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. 

My long run got cut a mile short this week. I ended up with some stomach issues at mile 10 and barely made it another mile with some cramping. I think my gel didn't settle correctly, because my first nine miles felt really good! After I got home I drank some Nuun and had a Popsicle. Slowly I started feeling better. It was really weird. 

So you all know how much I love a good deal. Hubby and I went to Kohl's the other day AND LOOK AT THIS!?!

Yeah, I freaked out at the counter. ALL THE DEALS SAVE ALL THE MONEY!! 

My mom is coming to visit this week so I am going to have to adjust my training. We are spending the weekend in Erie and it just so happens that a bunch of my friends are running a half marathon up there as well! The worlds most obnoxious cowbell will be making a return! 

I have been very solid on my kettle bell workouts for the past five weeks so I decided I'm going to *try* to increase the weight next week. I have an adjustable kettle bell so it will be going from five pounds to eight. If some workouts seem really tough, I can easily adjust them back down. Another Kohl's buy, I love that place! 

Have a great week everyone! If you are going to be running the half marathon in Erie next weekend, let me know! I'll cheer extra loud for you!

How do you power through a challenging week? 


  1. I wish I was running Erie this year, I had so much fun at it last year. Way to power through your week. Normally if I am having a bad week I try and change up my whole routine and hope something new sparks something inside of me and pushes me

  2. I've had those weeks. It's rough but I keep telling myself it's only a few more days and I can "reset" and start over. Oh my gosh the Kohls deals. I would have hugged the cashier... lol

  3. BOOM! What a great week, Steff; it's been tough out there and you're doing great with your training. So excited you're going to be running this weekend in Erie; hope you have a blast!