Sunday, July 5, 2015

Akron Half Marathon Training: Week Four

First, I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe Fourth of July. I had a great day with a bunch of friends. It was much needed, but now it's time to get back to work! 

This week was focusing on continuing to build a base for the rest of my training. This was my last week under a 30 mile training week, so I made sure I did everything exactly like I was supposed to! 

This week I had five workouts for 28 miles. I finished June with 101.4 miles and have 23.1 miles for July. I also have 599 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. 

I have been feeling really run down lately and get some really funky out of body experiences while running. I decided to start taking an iron and B-12 supplement. I am an incredibly picky eater and I know I don't get all the nutrition I need daily. After doing tons of research and talking to some people who are smarter than me, we decided on this specific supplement. I instantly noticed a difference. I stopped getting that weird feeling while running and don't feel as run down. I'm glad I figured this out now, early in training. 

I also am starting to break in my final pair of Christmas Mizuno's. It's such a sad thing since I really love my Wave Rider 17s. I have searched the Internet for my size, but couldn't find anymore. I broke down and headed to a local running store to try on the 18s. While I don't like them as much as the 17s, the fit is pretty much the same. The 18s are much more cushioned, and would take some getting use to. Luckily I have a few months until I have to transition to them, but I feel my panic level drop with being on my last pair of 17s. 

I have started to make more race plans for 2016! I have already talked about running the Louisiana Marathon in January, but why not move along to March! I know I had said if I had the opportunity to run Rock n Roll DC again, I would. Well, Rock n Roll offered a discount on the race for the Fourth of July and I jumped on it! Hopefully next year it won't rain and I can crush that course! 

I am also looking for suggestions for a spring race. I have an April one in mind, but there are so many great races in May and I can't make a decision. If you guys have any race suggestions please let me know! I'm looking for races other than Pittsburgh. 

Until next week my peeps! Let's do some big things with the second half of 2015! 

Have you started thinking of 2016 races? Where are you going?


  1. Haha I haven't even picked out what races I'm doing this move quick girl! Great week and it's good to see you're well on your way to hitting your yearly goal. I have to majorly step it up to hit mine!

  2. I'm always super proactive on race selections. I already know my big fall race for 2016 lol!

  3. You should run the Rock N Roll in Nashville in April! It is a LOT of fun. Hilly but so much energy!

  4. Isn't the Flying Pig in Cincinnati the same weekend as Pittsburgh's usually? I heard it's also a great race!

  5. I considered it! Since I'm doing DC again a trip to Nashville may not be in the budget.

  6. I'm leaning towards flying pig. Just checking out some options but it seems to be a consensus pick.

  7. True story: my first intended half marathon that I was "training" for, like, 8-9 years ago was Flying Pig because my bf at the time lived in Cincinnati. When we broke up, I stopped training. I kinda want to run it now just 'cuz. haha

  8. Yea I understand. I start feeling a little guilty when all our vacations are worked around running races for me lol. Now I've started trying to find races after I set our vacation. You should do Nashville one year though. It's a lot of fun! I'm going to put DC on my list too.